Current Lab Members

Erika Flores

Erika is completing her Master's degree in Environmental Engineering at CSU Los Angeles, and has a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona. She works on projects about prebiotic organic synthesis and phosphorus absorption in hydrothermal systems.

Ninos Hermis

Ninos is a graduate student researcher completing his Master's in Physics at CSU Los Angeles, and has a Bachelor's in Planetary Astronomy from UC Santa Cruz. He works on a project about electrical properties of vents and prebiotic minerals and also works in JPL Exoplanet science.

Thora Maltais

Thora has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Purdue and a Master's in Chemistry from Clemson University. She is a JPL technologist working with us on the origin of protein cofactors and the TCA cycle.

Former Members


Name Year Project Academic Programs Current position
Ryan Cameron 2016-2017 Carbon fixation  Tulsa Community College; CSU Northridge Landscape management
Yeghegis Abedian 2013-2017 Electrochemistry of chimneys; phosphorus chemistry UC San Diego - Nanoengineering Shire Pharmaceuticals
Arden Hammer 2016 summer Hydrothermal organics and minerals Oberlin College - Chemistry Undergraduate student at Oberlin
Chung-Kuang Lin 2015, 2013 summers Carbon fixation UC Riverside - Biology Medical student at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Arlette Valencia 2015 summer Metastable minerals, green rust Citrus College Undergraduate student at Oregon Institute of Technology, Electrical and Optical Engineering
Jessica Nunez 2014 summer

Hydrothermal chimneys

BMSIS Young Researcher

Citrus College Graduate of UC Berkeley, Mechanical Engineering
Nery Rafael 2012 fall -2013 Hydrothermal vent simulations CSU Long Beach - Biochemistry Quality Control Chemist, Grifols Biologicals Inc.
John Zeytounian 2012 Electrochemistry of iron sulfides University of Southern California, Molecular and Computational Biology  
Ivria Doloboff 2011-2015 Chemical gardens, phosphorus chemistry CSU Long Beach / Santa Monica College NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Research Technician
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