Below is a list of some media features of our research:




Appeared in CBS Mission Unstoppable, “Nets, Neighborhoods and NASA”


JPL Feature Story, “NASA Study Reproduces Origins of Life on Ocean Floor”, 2/25/2019, by Arielle Samuelson 


Featured in PBS “Second Genesis: The Quest For Life Beyond Earth”, with Carolyn Porco (start at 12:37)


Hydrothermal Experiments Bring Enceladus to Earth - Astrobiology Magazine, Nov 2017 


Life's Origins by Land or Sea? Debate Gets Hot - Scientific American, May 2017 


The search for a habitable second Earth - Engadget, May 2017 


“Genesis in a jar: How chemical gardens may lead us to alien life” - New Scientist, Aug 2016


“The Fly in the Primordial Soup” - Nautilus, June 2016


"Life's Building Blocks Form In Replicated Deep Sea Vents" - Astrobiology Magazine, 2016


"Make Your Own Hydrothermal Vent" - NOVA, 2016


How the Universe Works (Discovery Channel), Appeared in S04E05 “Dawn of Life”, aired December 2015


“Researchers Use Seafloor Gardens to Switch on Light Bulb” - JPL Feature Story, 2015


"Recreating The 'Shocking' Origin Of Life In A Lab" - Popular Science, 2015


“Could ‘Green Rust’ be a Catalyst for Martian Life?” - Astrobiology Magazine, May 2015


“Did sea-floor battery spark life on Earth?” - Orange County Register, April 2014


“Was a Natural Fuel Cell Key to the Origin of Life on Earth?” - Planetary Radio Invited Guest, with Matt Kaplan


“New Study Outlines ‘Water World’ Theory of Life’s Origins” - JPL Feature Story, 2014


“The Seafloor Electric” - NASA Astrobiology Institute Research Highlights, April 2014


Radio Interview, KPFT-FM Houston, Weltanshauung weekly show with Michael DeLeionardis, 2014.


“How Did Life Arise? Fuel Cells May Have Answers” - JPL Feature Story, 2014


“Life’s Fuel Cells” - Astrobiology Magazine, March 2014 


“What We Might Find in Europa’s Alien Ocean World” - Daily Galaxy, 2014 


“Did Life on Earth As We Know It Come From Geological Life?” - Universe Today, 2014 


“How the Earth Kick-started its Metabolism Simulated in a Laboratory” - Oak Crest Institute of Science, press release, 2014. 


“Gardens of Eden” - Chemical & Engineering News, March 18, 2013.  




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