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Do you dream of a career in science, but don’t know where to start? Are you an undergraduate looking to prepare for internships or graduate school? Are you in the midst of your Master’s or Ph.D., or navigating the challenges of being a postdoc, and want a professional in the field to talk to? Do you already work in another field but want to make a big change? 


Wherever you are in your professional journey, whether you have a traditional or non-traditional path, I’m here to help provide customized coaching for your needs.


As your career coach I can help you: 


  • Develop and clarify your goals, and identify milestones

  • Develop better time management and organizational systems to advance your goals

  • Identify your strengths and desires, and integrate them into your work

  • Help manage the challenges of the grad school and postdoc experience

  • Create systems to help you maintain a strong professional network

  • Master the process of writing and publishing journal papers

  • Develop skills needed for writing science proposals 

  • Improve your science communication skills

  • Think outside the box to create opportunities for an enjoyable science career


All coaching is provided via phone or Skype, video optional as you prefer. Available times will typically be during the day on Fridays, weekends, and after 5pm on weekdays. I welcome international clients! 


Interested, or have questions? Send me an email at with "Coaching" in the subject line.  



What I provide:



First, we will do an initial free phone/Skype consult to determine if this is a good fit, and determine which Tier fits your needs.



Tier 1: Individual session


Maybe you don’t have the need right now for an ongoing mentor relationship, but you just want to chat once to get advice or to talk out a one-time issue. If so, Tier 1 (one 30-min session) is for you!



Tier 2: One month package


Maybe you want to try a full month of career coaching, or take it month by month in case you have travel, big deadlines, or other commitments. If so, Tier 2 is for you. In Tier 2 you would have two 30-min sessions to schedule within a one-month (30-day) period at whatever interval you prefer.



Tier 3: Three months package (most effective!)


In three months you can really start to see the results of your new habits and efforts. This is the long-term package, which you can renew as many times as desired. Tier 3 includes six 30-min sessions to be scheduled within a period of 90 days, at whatever interval you prefer. 




What do I NOT provide:


  • I do not provide coaching services to clients where it would constitute a conflict of interest. This includes: students / postdocs of institutes / grants / projects that I am also paid by, or students that I currently work with professionally.

  • I do not facilitate introductions to specific people (colleagues, collaborators, etc).

  • I do not provide any special consideration for job / internship applications for institutes that I am affiliated with, and I do not read / edit your application materials to institutes that I am affiliated with.

  • I do not write you recommendation or reference letters for any applications.

  • For clients where our scientific interests may overlap - the mentor/mentee relationship counts as a conflict of interest and I will disclose it if asked to serve as peer reviewer or referee for your papers or proposals.

  • I will not provide access to any institutional resources (documents, websites, etc.) that are not publically available.

  • I do not provide legal or medical advice; for such issues you should contact an appropriate professional.

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